Sunday, 14 May 2017

Overpopulation warrants division of India

[Prerna Singh’s book, How Solidarity Works for Welfare: Subnationalism and Social Development in India] @thewire_in
Hope, @vimuktaatma and @aviralmittal can help you in this regard.
Prior to British rule, many kingdoms were there and the logic is to return to Regional entities by reversing what the British perpetrated.
An unusually large nation like India is a historical accident and no inherent virtue in being obese. Much more Democracy in smaller nations.
Central Govt has made people of India weak and lazy. State level linguistic nationalism can galvanise people to action and entrepreneurship.
Each new Indian nation can engage with other foreign countries which has tremendous potential as far as commerce and culture are concerned.
Fine, let the dream percolate and materialise before language wars erupt which is simmering with Hindi imposition and English medium schools
Let the States come out of the guardianship of the Central Govt and deal with their own problems and neighbours with maturity. Why Centre?
India with 50 new nations of below 50m population can come under a EU like Federation thus generating much greater international clout at UN
Will happen when time comes but let's not think that there is no justification. Strangely Sri Lanka has right to be Sovereign but not Odisha
France and Germany are nations on language basis with optimum population; States of India are almost identical. India is a British legacy.
Current state of India is far from ideal and the States being granted Sovereignty on language basis is only solution. Rest be left to future
With almost equivalent population of India Africa has 54 nations. Languages in India form the real basis of a nation and should be respected
We are a Democracy and let's ponder over all dimensions and do whatever is good for our people instead of bothering too much about others.
Overpopulation warrants division of India into smaller nations with around 50m population. Imagining dystopian future personal predilection!
Emotion and cohesion are the sign of a nation; people should be happy, that's the aim. Aspiring for superpower status borders on megalomania
Sovereignty to States is the only means of being unshackled from the trap of looking at local peculiarities through an imposed National lens


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