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Last mile Democracy and Development

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The Constitution of India is the illegitimate child of the Colonial masters and their subjects. Granting nationhood to the States like the SAARC countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka is the only option to free 1.35bn people from its many undesirable provisions.

Each language of India is a distinct nation with a rich record of history, culture, and heritage. Population growth has made it impossible for them to be administered efficiently from Delhi in a just and fair manner. So, self-determination and granting Sovereignty is the solution.

Sri Aurobindo favoured the establishment of a free association of free States but India as a huge monolith counts as a barrier. Creation of around 50 new nations with about 50 million population will go a long way in forging the South Asian Federation as a prelude to World Union.

Reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is a basic step to get oriented on the Evolutionary journey towards Human Unity and a Supra-rational age where all old religions are almost annihilated and a new human race conforming to the Vedic prophecies takes birth #FiveDreams

We are discussing broad principles: 
1) India of 1947 is an anomalous legacy of the Colonial rule and must be reviewed,
2) Parliament to decide converting India into a Federation by granting Sovereignty to the States; and
3) Abnormal population necessitates creation of new nations

I repeat: Constitution is anomalous, population is abnormal, Central Govt lacks efficiency; and linguistic nationality is restive. Grappling with all these in a Democratic manner is necessary instead of waiting for unrest and non-State actors jumping in for exploiting the issues.

1) Each major language of India is a distinct nation and has inalienable right to liberty,
2) Last mile Democracy and Development is more efficient in smaller nations (say with 50m population);
3) An ordinary citizen should be the focus instead of a Civilisational grand-narrative

Churchill also said exactly the same. Freedom transforms and empowers and hence it's futile to speculate on consequences. Fast growth of ASEAN nations shouldn't be overlooked. Besides, liberty itself is invaluable and needn't be measured in material terms.

Maithili or Bhojpuri are not dialects, they have been forcibly grouped under Hindi. The point is I'm only pointing it out; ultimately, it's local people who will demand on the basis of their preferences and priorities, and decide. Further it's not one time affair; process evolves

States are financially crippled at present; always go with a begging bowl. That situation must change; 50m people should be the arbiter of their own fates without any interference from the party high command or Central Govt in Delhi. Sovereignty will empower to market Soft Power.

Current population figure is not comparable to ancient times and political systems are different. Nationalist sentiment ensuing from a language can be vehement and throw caution to the winds; the India narrative is useless for it. No inherent virtue in living in a large country!

Population figures are abnormal; Constitution of India itself is to blame for the Dalit problem and Regional discontent. Creation of Indian Federation by granting Sovereignty to the States is the only solution for fostering the spirit of Fraternity, otherwise the wounds fester.

If Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka can take care of their own affairs, then there is no reason why Assam, Bihar, Karnataka, or Kashmir can't manage themselves as independent nations. Further, population has doubled since 1978 which means another India born in forty years

Just like Dalit problem is "not only economic but social and cultural," language-linked suppressed-nationhood has its own validity for self-determination, no matter what the consequences are. For instance, Odisha has every right to identify its future with glory of Kalingan-past.

Bipin Chandra Pal as well as Sri Aurobindo had endorsed a free association of free nationalities in the manner of Kant's prescription for Perpetual Peace. India, with its abnormal size and population, is proving to be an impediment, like China. #FiveDreams

None of the present political parties is committed to Democratic functioning or Market-oriented approach. Respecting citizens or caring for their freedom and opinion hardly exists. Indians must come out of the spell of established political parties and vote for honest candidates.

Supporting a good independent candidate in each Constituency is the best means to act in the spirit of Indian Constitution and break the dominance of and perversion wrought by the current political parties. Let the dreams of Vinoba Bhave, JP, and V.P. Singh translate into reality

The unenviable compulsion of Modi supporters to vote for him despite running him down, to write newspaper articles with data defending Govt schemes; and to prove to the world that BJP has turned fairly liberal, inclusive, and free from RSS diktat. No wonder, the hawks are fuming!

Never forget that BJP won 2014 by harvesting Muzaffarnagar riots. Never push Hindutva narrative as panacea for all human ills. Stop valorising Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals. Never overlook the benefits of Western (or, Christian) progress. Don't vote for AAP, BJP, or Congress.

Many handles tweet genuine criticism against BJP, RSS, and Modi. One feels that they are defenders of Democracy and civility. But when they start praising the Dynasty, their true colours are exposed. All their liberalism is mortgaged to the altar of Congress and hence spurious.

India was under the rule of British Parliament from 1858 to 1947 but the Civilisational repercussions have never ceased. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo form a formidable link in this Evolutionary trajectory despite Hindutva emphasis on fostering a crude form of muscular nationalism.

Swami Agnivesh told on DD Bihar that the concept of an egalitarian society is very much a Vedic imperative and not merely ensues from Marxist discourse: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. How far such utilitarian interpretation of the Veda would be approved by Sri Aurobindo is a moot point.

Hegel doesn't feature in the list of Indologists but the book titled, Hegel's India by Aakash Singh Rathore and Rimina Mohapatra has reinforced his claims. Besides, he now precedes Nietzsche, Bergson, Alexander, Whitehead, etc to be considered as a pioneer in Integral Philosophy.

After a year of Pre-University in BJB College, Bhubaneswar, I joined Regional College of Education (RIE, Bhubaneswar) run by NCERT in 1972 for a Four-year Integrated BSc.,BEd. Residential course with Botany honours and Agriculture as vocational education, besides Statistics, etc.

After one year as a science teacher in my village, I joined Punjab National Bank at Sundargarh as Agricultural clerk in 1977. CAIIB gave the opportunity to study subjects like Commercial Law, Economic Geography, Accountancy, Forex, etc, apart from in-house Management and Quality.

due to faulty planning GNP lags behind. To employ the masses India has no dearth of intellect and resources even if the population gets doubled. Don’t Blame Population: Blame Planning - Tusar N. Mohapatra, Bhubaneswar, Yojana Students’ Forum April 15, 1976

Tusar Nath Mohapatra,
Savitri Era Party
April 11, 2018

[When Bipin Chandra Pal was speaking of China and Japan overthrowing European civilisation, how many understood or appreciated great issues? We have lost the faculty of great ideas, outlooks, which divines the great motions of the world.] Sri Aurobindo BANDE MATARAM April 1, 1908

Arya–4 No 9—April 1918 #SriAurobindo
Future Poetry - Poetic Vision and Mantra
Life Divine XLIII. The Order of the Worlds
Synthesis of Yoga XLI. Love and the Triple Path
Essays on the Gita - The Determinism of Nature
Ideal of Human Unity XXXII
Psychology of Social Development XXI

[Sri Aurobindo, like many postmodern thinkers, is aware of the need to go beyond Aristotelian/Euclidean logic in  what he calls a “logic of the infinite” fleshed out by looking at the ideas of Alfred North Whitehead and the French philosopher, Edgar Morin]

[comparative and cross-cultural studies in philosophy, religion, psychology, counseling, cultural anthropology, organizational studies, health studies, and the arts. Chaudhuri was the first to publish in the West on Integral Psychology, during the 1970s.]

[California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS, 1968, San Francisco) grew out of the earlier American Academy of Asian Studies (1950-1967). Its historical roots lie among followers Sri Aurobindo, Human Potential movement, Esalen, Holism and Consciousness]

[what is most compelling about this volume is reading an influential 19th century thinker’s creation of the oriental outlook that was to dominate western scholarship; even fashion sustaining the self image which many orientals imbibed under colonial rule.]

Savitri Era: Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing
Sep 21, 2016 - Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing. Tweets by @SavitriEraPartySavitri Era: Rituals are facing negotiation from Modernity and Feminism #SriAurobindo. Favourable remarks from Prakash Karat and Makarand Paranjape are not insignificant achievements for ...
Optimal size should receive due consideration not only for Corporates but also for towns, cities, States and country for gaining efficiency.
While the liberal spirit behind Copyright verdict is laudable repercussions will be devastating if extended to marriages and religious sites
Agitations for separate state of Uttarakhand or Telangana and the violence involved is irrelevant today. Kashmir will look like that one day
With population as yardstick India can be divided into four U.S. like nations of optimal size who would be free to be part of one Federation
India is suffering just like a huge joint family and modern technology and infrastructure have failed to achieve integration as one nation.
Democracy in a country of such huge population is unprecedented in history and so anomalous. Say of people in Govt is negligible and a sham.
Thinking about Pakistan or Kashmir in abstract terms is a trap. Military solution is a chimera; human emotion and suffering should be focus.
Idea of nation must evolve from geographical boundaries to cultural (including religious) cohesiveness and shifting choices of human beings.
Time is ripe for a leap forward towards Asian Federation allowing broad corridors in the borders as common ground for cultural exchanges.
International encounter and human destiny can't be left in the hands of Military and restrictions on trade and culture need to be slackened.
Kashmir and Hyderabad are two mistakes of 1947-48 the consequences of which refuse to stop bothering after 70 years. Time for drastic steps.
The present citizens of India should take a common sense view of Kashmir and resolve it without being entangled by its complicated history.
Territory should stop being the defining element of nationalism and Soft Power and Goodwill should propel towards Peace and Harmony, instead
Understandable that those in Govt can't proceed openly & hence a Citizens' movement must build up for immediate resolution of Kashmir issue.
Bloodshed for Uttarakhand & Telangana was unnecessary. Indians must be sympathetic enough to resolve the Kashmir issue with ink across table
Instead of looking upon Kashmir as a loss or defeat, the possibility of it turning as the fulcrum of Asian unity and melting pot is bright.
Kashmir as it stands today has a single solution. Govt, the ruling coalition, their supporters and public in general need be honest to admit
Govt has displayed commendable restraint in spite of jingoist cacophony by irresponsible supporters, perennially driven by religious hatred.
There is no reason why a Constituent Assembly of 1946 vintage should be the arbiter of fate of 1.3b Indians in 2016. Let States be set free.
People of each region must have the right of self determination sans any coercion or undue influence from any central or outside authority.
Review of the Constitution is no longer in the priority list of any party. Savitri Era Party takes this agenda forward to rectify past error
India's population has multiplied almost fourfold since Independence and hence it has become unmanageable as a single country and Democracy.
The system of Dual Govt, multiple parties, and bureaucrats from other States has played havoc due to which Development has taken a back seat
If Algeria or Argentina with similar population as Odisha are independent countries, then why Odisha should not be allowed to rule itself?
Why would a Prime Minister from Gujarat and a Chief Minister who can't speak Odia be sympathetic to the ancient civilisation that Odisha is?
Democracy in India has become anomalous due to vast & diverse population and nowhere in the world such an disastrous experiment is going on.
Parliamentary Democracy works efficiently in smaller countries and India should give birth to around 50 such new entities including Kashmir.
The way the democratically elected Govt of Delhi is humiliated proves that such Saas-Bahu serial is futile and the Central Govt is redundant
Democracy is tantamount to a certain distance between the Military & civilians but RSS strategy is to keep people charged with war rhetoric.
Just like someone's toothache troubles all in a huge joint family, a minor event in one corner of India harassing 1.3b citizens is absurd.
Linguistic diversity in India provides a perfect template for multiple nationhoods and there is no scope for any Central Govt to be imposed.
Despite its ancient history to insist that Odisha is not a nation is bizzare and symptomatic of some megalomania masquerading as nationalism
If there are more than one hundred countries in the world with less population than Odisha, then no reason why a Gujarati should rule them.
Big States need split to 3-5 crore population level and all the States, including Kashmir, should be set free as independent countries.
Though an ancient civilisation, Odisha has been a victim of the totalitarian traits of Indian Constitution. School children have no shoes!
Like all other States and regions of India, Odisha too wants liberation from the yokes of an insensitive Central Govt and march as a nation.
@AmbarishSharmaO Yes, one side of argument. You are free to provide a counter narrative. Let there be a national debate over whole situation
Terrorist attack in Kashmir and Maoist attack in Odisha are two sides of the same coin. Self-determination by people can't be suppressed.
Traditionally, Ram is not worshipped in Odisha but by building new Ram temples, RSS wants to induct north-Indian ethos and throttle culture.
Kashmir is not a Pakistan issue nor has Military solution. Self-determination for Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing.

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Overpopulation warrants division of India

[Prerna Singh’s book, How Solidarity Works for Welfare: Subnationalism and Social Development in India] @thewire_in
Hope, @vimuktaatma and @aviralmittal can help you in this regard.
Prior to British rule, many kingdoms were there and the logic is to return to Regional entities by reversing what the British perpetrated.
An unusually large nation like India is a historical accident and no inherent virtue in being obese. Much more Democracy in smaller nations.
Central Govt has made people of India weak and lazy. State level linguistic nationalism can galvanise people to action and entrepreneurship.
Each new Indian nation can engage with other foreign countries which has tremendous potential as far as commerce and culture are concerned.
Fine, let the dream percolate and materialise before language wars erupt which is simmering with Hindi imposition and English medium schools
Let the States come out of the guardianship of the Central Govt and deal with their own problems and neighbours with maturity. Why Centre?
India with 50 new nations of below 50m population can come under a EU like Federation thus generating much greater international clout at UN
Will happen when time comes but let's not think that there is no justification. Strangely Sri Lanka has right to be Sovereign but not Odisha
France and Germany are nations on language basis with optimum population; States of India are almost identical. India is a British legacy.
Current state of India is far from ideal and the States being granted Sovereignty on language basis is only solution. Rest be left to future
With almost equivalent population of India Africa has 54 nations. Languages in India form the real basis of a nation and should be respected
We are a Democracy and let's ponder over all dimensions and do whatever is good for our people instead of bothering too much about others.
Overpopulation warrants division of India into smaller nations with around 50m population. Imagining dystopian future personal predilection!
Emotion and cohesion are the sign of a nation; people should be happy, that's the aim. Aspiring for superpower status borders on megalomania
Sovereignty to States is the only means of being unshackled from the trap of looking at local peculiarities through an imposed National lens


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Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 3 
@tufailelif @krdave India breaking into 40 to 50 nations of around 50m population is the most viable solution to the present mismanagement.

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 3 
@krdave @tufailelif That danger is always there and we have already experienced. So smaller nations will serve as an insurance against that.

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 21
@greatbong The most serious issue that is critical for survival of Democracy needs to be told with equal seriousness & not couched in humour

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 3
@vivekas Human body is an organic whole but India is a Colonial legacy. Linguistic States are natural nations that must get back Sovereignty

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 22
Future needn't be defined by past writings or belief; even science doesn't offer any firm standpoint. Life and the world are mysteries still

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 5
@CNNnews18 Linguistic States of India are natural nations and should be granted Sovereignty; so new nations are born with optimum population

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 19
India entails too much of uniformity imposed upon 1.3b population. Central Govt. needs to be dissolved with States emerging as free nations.

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 5
@SkandaVeera Fine, if you think so. But for me, writing on India without any mention of Sri Aurobindo signals that something is being evaded

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 18
Central Govt is India's problem. Just scrap it and allow the States their due nationhood and genuine democracy so that people regain esteem.

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 19
Leading 1.3b people is an illusion as no individual can rise to such heights. States of India as Sovereign nations is the best alternative.

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 7
There is not a single text or philosophy which can satisfactorily explain the mystery of life and the world or the working of the Universe.

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 23
Succumbing to psycho-physical methods in the guise of Yoga and philosophical system-building might seem normal but it's not without hazards.

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 6
@d_extrovert @Mint_Opinion @ccsindia @atanudey India with its abnormal level of population has become an anomaly. States must be Sovereign.

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 20
"In October 1955, Monnet created the Action Committee for the United States of Europe," and I feel happy that I was born in the same month.…

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 5
@SkandaVeera @Nikhil_7D @ArmchairPseph @a_r_j_u_n
All Roads Lead to Jerusalem!
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Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 5
Marketime: Sri Aurobindo devoted his life towards transformative yoga… #IntegralYoga #SavitriEra

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 21
Dalit issue has become warped due to all India uniformity on Reservations which is sure to get corrected at diverse State level demographics

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 20
People's will, and not intellect, matters in a Democracy. No wonder, supporters of the ruling party see no demerit in whatever the Govt does

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Dec 8
Quixotic, Nero, or Tughlaq are invoked but nothing explains #DeMonetisation scenario better than "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty  Nov 19
Being a nation of unprecedented size as a Democracy, India poses a problem and a risk. Why a single individual should be allowed to rule it?

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India must split due to overpopulation

Savitri Era Party draws inspiration from Sri Aurobindo but on practical issues we may differ from what he wrote at that point.
Misusing the name of Sri Aurobindo is an oft-repeated charge against me. My simple answer is no one owns Sri Aurobindo so as to do policing.
Sri Aurobindo supported linguistic divisions in Message to Andhra University.
Savitri Era Party demands Sovereignty for the States #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams
tates of India becoming Independent shouldn't be seen as disintegration but rather rejuvenation via diversification
Followers of Sri Aurobindo must support abolition of Central Govt and Sovereignty for States
Democracy conceived at the time of Independence of India has become untenable and infructuous due to population explosion over the decades.
Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams
Languages hide immense treasure and the States will take adequate care of them when they become Sovereign Republics.
Linguistic diversity in India provides a perfect template for multiple nationhoods and there is no scope for any Central Govt to be imposed.
Language is the most potent ingredient around which the people can be regrouped as new nations in India and not caste, religion, or culture.
Within the same language also, multiple Sovereign nations have to be created with 50-60m population, which should be the final yardstick.
Justification in three parts for the independence of Indian States:
Savitri Era: Society should be rationally reconfigured like shop floor #SriAurobindo
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo dedicated their lives for the Nation. But today, when India needs to be split due to overpopulation, that's fine.

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Savitri Era Party meeting on April 10, 2016

10-Apr-2016, 6.00 PM: A meeting of Savitri Era Party was held in Basai Darapur, Delhi which was also addressed by Gobardhan Dhal, Gen. Secy.

Savitri Era Party will push for concerns like Equality, Individual rights, and Rule of law anchored to the Evolutionary template.

Savitri Era Party seeks abolition of Govt recognition for castes, races, religions, or languages and reservation or preferential provisions.

One can change one's religion and nationality but there is no voluntary exit route from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes categories

All Constitutional & Administrative provisions regarding Castes have to be cast away. All Reservations have to be dispensed with accordingly

Savitri Era: Decoupling lifestyle choices from Religion, tradition, and Political parties

lofty ideals within sight: 1) Education - Recent happenings in JNU and HCU underscore ideological vacuum and need for credible alternative.

Savitri Era is a feeble attempt to keep: 2) Politics - The way RSS is trying to poison minds by corrupting discourse needs to be countered.

3) Religion - The significance of the descent of Supramental Consciousness upon Earth (February 29, 1956) needs to be told in a wider scale.

4) Personal Evolution - Scope for transforming one's own action and consciousness is normal to be expected by engaging with the above spheres.

Not only Congress or BJP, most parties, form the Left and AAP to supporters of Lohia, Ambedkar or Periyar see Savitri Era Party as a threat.

Abolishing Entertainment Tax and Personal Income Tax are priorities. Also, STT on all transactions and Fixed levy on Bank interest payouts.

2. Abolition of all legal, official, administrative, or statutory recognition of Castes, Races, and Religions or any preferential treatment.

3. Decoupling lifestyle choices like food, dress, physical appearance, marriage ceremony etc. from Religion, Tradition, or Political Parties

4. Protecting children from imposition of Superstition or physical and mental torture and scenic tourist spots from the invasion of Religion.

President, Savitri Era Party
Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum 
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