Saturday, 16 April 2016

Savitri Era Party meeting on April 10, 2016

10-Apr-2016, 6.00 PM: A meeting of Savitri Era Party was held in Basai Darapur, Delhi which was also addressed by Gobardhan Dhal, Gen. Secy.

Savitri Era Party will push for concerns like Equality, Individual rights, and Rule of law anchored to the Evolutionary template.

Savitri Era Party seeks abolition of Govt recognition for castes, races, religions, or languages and reservation or preferential provisions.

One can change one's religion and nationality but there is no voluntary exit route from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes categories

All Constitutional & Administrative provisions regarding Castes have to be cast away. All Reservations have to be dispensed with accordingly

Savitri Era: Decoupling lifestyle choices from Religion, tradition, and Political parties

lofty ideals within sight: 1) Education - Recent happenings in JNU and HCU underscore ideological vacuum and need for credible alternative.

Savitri Era is a feeble attempt to keep: 2) Politics - The way RSS is trying to poison minds by corrupting discourse needs to be countered.

3) Religion - The significance of the descent of Supramental Consciousness upon Earth (February 29, 1956) needs to be told in a wider scale.

4) Personal Evolution - Scope for transforming one's own action and consciousness is normal to be expected by engaging with the above spheres.

Not only Congress or BJP, most parties, form the Left and AAP to supporters of Lohia, Ambedkar or Periyar see Savitri Era Party as a threat.

Abolishing Entertainment Tax and Personal Income Tax are priorities. Also, STT on all transactions and Fixed levy on Bank interest payouts.

2. Abolition of all legal, official, administrative, or statutory recognition of Castes, Races, and Religions or any preferential treatment.

3. Decoupling lifestyle choices like food, dress, physical appearance, marriage ceremony etc. from Religion, Tradition, or Political Parties

4. Protecting children from imposition of Superstition or physical and mental torture and scenic tourist spots from the invasion of Religion.

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